How to Make Passive Income Online With a Real Estate Blog

When choosing to create a real estate blog for the purpose of generating leads & passive income, you must focus on a niche. In order to identify a niche, you need to ask yourself what everybody is talking about nowadays. In this article, I am going to focus on creating a short sale blog and generating short sale leads while generating income helping this particular segment of the population.

Let me first start off by stating that most blogs are a waste of time, money and “prehistoric” when it comes to online marketing.

While real estate agents specialize in physical real estate, most of them need a lesson or two on how to take over “online real estate,” which is the best way to think of online marketing. In order to be successful online, you need to learn how to take over “online real estate.”

Generally, most real estate agent blogs all look the exact same: They have links to a few old listings, mortgage calculators & the same general real estate news one could find on a million other websites.

This is why most real agents end up joining large blogging networks like Active Rain or Trulia, in an attempt to gain a competitive edge over their peers. While Active Rain and Trulia helps the average real estate agent have a “better than average” online presence, agents still find themselves stuck among a sea of other Realtors with no real “point of differentiation” to really help them stand out. They end up being another “profile picture” on these networks and their online presence is thus limited in both power & influence.

In order to stand out, you must focus on a niche and create an individual blog that is self branded. For example focusing on short sales will enable you to do other things such as adding partner services like credit repair, loan modifications, debt settlement, etc which is the key to passive income online, especially if you’re simply marketing other companies.

Imagine blogging about short sales and making money off your “blog partners” in your sleep!

You see, online marketers have been branding themselves as “industry experts” and making money off their blogs for YEARS.

Yet real estate agents still haven’t fully embraced the opportunity of doing business online since they are, by trade, “industry experts.” If real estate agents were to apply online marketing techniques to their own websites & begin upselling different services to a target market, they too could be generating passive income while generating more leads for their business then they every dreamed possible.

I personally generate, on average, hundreds of leads per day, a few listings a week & multiple streams of income online ALL through my blog, and I very well might be one of the only Realtors doing this.

To read a detailed story on how I was able to accomplish this, simply click the link below:

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